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How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker

  1. Every player antes up for the cards that will be dealt, with the sum of the ante being determined by the table you are at.

  2. Everyone is dealt two cards, face down, and one card, face up, giving you three cards in each hand. The 'door card' or 'Third Street' are other names for the first face-up card.

  3. Bets are placed. Sometimes, the person with the lowest 'door card' has to bet first. This is referred to as 'bring in bet'.

  4. Each player is dealt another face-up card. This particular card is known as 'Fourth Street'.

  5. A round of betting.
  6. 'Fifth Street,' the name of the next face-up card, is dealt.

  7. More betting, with the betting minimums/maximums usually doubled now.

  8. A card called 'Sixth Street'' is dealt, face up, to each player.

  9. More high-value betting, which was raised after 'Fifth Street'.

  10. The last card is dealt, face down, called the 'River Card' or 'Seventh Street'.

  11. Final bets are placed.

Betting Note:
7-card stud is different than Texas Hold'Em and Omaha Poker in that the player with the highest ranking hand face up bets first for that round. The bet then goes clockwise around the table.

After betting, the hands are called and the person with the highest 5 card hand takes home the jackpot. Although you are dealt seven cards in any seven-card game, you only play your best five cards at the end of the hand.

When Playing 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo:
A low hand in poker must 'qualify', meaning not any low hand can be played. A players low hand must consist of 5 cards that are 8 or lower. Aces can be played low, and straights and flushes do not count in a low hand.